‘Woke’ Bachelorette opens to worst ratings in history of the franchise

The “woke” Bachelorette opening was the worst opening episode in the history of the franchise, according to Youtuber Daisy Cousens.

Ms Cousens attributed the show’s poor ratings to the inclusion of both men and women as contestants, as lead Brooke Blurton is bisexual.

“It’s not that the audience of the Bachelorette is inherently biphobic,” Ms Cousens told Sky News host.

“The strange unique charm or fascination about that franchise is the heteronormativity of it, that’s the way it’s sort of been set up – old fashioned gender stereotypes, old fashioned chivalry, roses.

“It channels the sort of Cinderella fairytale thing, which is very much based on men and women, not women and women and men and men.”

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