Wreck of British explorer James Cook’s Endeavour found: researchers

Map of north-east US showing the area where the wreck of Captain James Cook’s famed vessel the Endeavour is believed to be found, according to Australian researchers on Thursday.

The wreck of Captain James Cook’s famed vessel the Endeavour has been found off the coast of the US state of Rhode Island, Australian researchers said Thursday.

Their research partners in the United States, however, have described the announcement as premature.

For more than two centuries, it lay forgotten.

“Based on archival and archaeological evidence, I’m convinced it’s the Endeavour.”

In a statement, project executive director DK Abbass said the announcement was a “breach of contract”, adding that “conclusions will be driven by proper scientific process and not Australian emotions or politics”.

The museum does not believe it is in breach of any contracts.

The Endeavour was the ship Cook sailed from England to Tahiti and then New Zealand before reaching Australia in 1770 and charting the continent’s east coast.

The British scuttled the ship, along with others, to block a French fleet from sailing into Newport Harbour to support the Americans.

After two centuries at the bottom of the harbour, only about 15 percent of the Endeavour remains intact, according to the Australian National Maritime Museum. 


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