Zelenskiy: “Please, help us”

Berlin (dpa) – In a video address to members of the Bundestag, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has asked for more help for his country. According to the translation, Zelenskiy said in his video message to members of the Bundestag on Thursday that the people of Ukraine wanted to live freely and not be subjugated by another country.

Addressing German politicians and Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), he said that it was a question of tearing down a wall and stopping the war. “You are somehow behind the wall again, not the Berlin Wall, but in the heart of Europe, where there is freedom. And this wall becomes stronger with every bomb that falls on our soil in Ukraine.” He said: “Dear Chancellor Scholz, destroy this wall. Give Germany the leadership role that Germany deserves.”

In his country, he said, civilians and soldiers were now being targeted indiscriminately by Russian attacks. “Russia is bombing our cities and destroying everything in Ukraine. That means homes, hospitals, schools, churches, everything. With missiles, with aerial bombs, with artillery. In three weeks, many Ukrainians have died, thousands. The occupiers have killed 108 children, in the middle of Europe, in our country in 2022”, Zelenskiy said. And: “Once again, an attempt is being made in Europe to destroy an whole people.”

The members of the Bundestag had got to their feet before the speech and greeted Zelenskiy, who appeared on a video screen, with applause. Bundestag Vice President Katrin Göring-Eckardt expressed horror at the Russian war on Ukraine and assured Kyiv of Germany’s solidarity. “We see you, our thoughts are with you and with those who mourn you,” said the Green politician.

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