Zelensky tries to charm pro-Russian Indonesians

JAKARTA – Billed as “President Volodymyr Zelensky Talks to Indonesia,” it was once a possibility for the embattled Ukrainian chief to take a look at and alter the minds of many Indonesians, whose bias in opposition to the West has discovered them squarely at the facet of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Whether the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia’s (FPCI) May 27 webinar accomplished that objective is in doubt, however a obviously irked Zelensky had a query for Deputy Parliament Speaker Muhaimin Iskander when he queried him about his willingness to compromise with Russia.

“What is the bottom line for you to keep your country independent?” the Ukrainian chief requested the concurrent National Awakening Party (PKB) chairman. “And as soon as you answer this question yourself, you will understand our bottom line.”

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